my friends at Another Best Day want today to be the best day of your life. and tomorrow. and the day after that. one after another. i LOVE what these guys are about. 

check out some brand new ABD merch:

they literally just launched these t-shirts, stickers and water bottle just in time for the holidays. GO GRAB SOME GEAR on their brand new website and be a part of it! they’re just getting started and there’s a lot more to come, but it’s a really inspiring message. From their website:

"We live a life beyond the lines.  
We are better today than we were yesterday.  
We volunteer, coach, and mentor.  
We believe in personal, corporate, national, and environmental sustainability.
We work hard and never stop learning.
We are social.  
We bbq, party, chill, and get loose.  
We are active.  
We surf, ski, snowboard, ball, bike, hike, golf, boat, run, and camp.  
We like the beach, the mountains, the city, and the country.
We are cultured.  We travel, road trip, explore, and wander.  
We like music, art, and film.  
We are unique and embrace our individuality.
We are woven together through the commonality of the spirit of living life to the fullest each and every day.”

so awesome. I’ve been really excited for the launch of this stuff for a long time, so it’s really fun to see the company start to grow. also be sure to check out their BLOG for a daily dose of inspiration. it always makes me happy and helps start my day off right. 

hope everyone is having an awesome start to Thanksgiving break!! i love all the things you guys have been tweeting that you’re thankful for. today i’m thankful for the opportunity to make today another best day! :)

x0x0 kv

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